As the sun slowly burns the last remains of the mist off the water your senses are heightened. The smell of deep cedar old growth and crisp morning air refreshes you. The sound of the eagles screech mixed with the rhythmic flow of the water surrounds you. Your eyes are overwhelmed with color, the greens of the rainforest, the pinks and purples of the rocks, and the color of your fly line silhouetted on the aqua marine water. Your hands feel the pull of the current on that fly line as it swings your fly into dark mysterious places in that river, your river on this day!

Join us at Spey Lodge Inc in Northern British Columbia Canada and enjoy our experienced staff, mountain enviro and willing wild fish.

Established in 1999 Spey Lodge Inc, has been providing exclusive fly-fishing trips of the highest quality for Salmon, Steelhead Trout and Char.

Spey Lodge Inc offers three distinct lodge locations, as well as multiple outpost camps

  • Spey Lodge on the Skeena River, 15 minutes form Terrace airport
  • Boundary Lodge on the Nass Watershed, 3.5 hours form Terrace airport
  • Steelhead project on Haida Gwaii, 30 minutes from Masset airport
  • Spring and Summer outpost camps accesses by helicopter and ocean going jet boats